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Why Investing in Diode Lasers for Your Hygiene Team Is a Wise Move

May 2, 2023

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a patient receiving dental care with a diode laserWhen it comes to modern dentistry, technology is an invaluable asset; there are all kinds of new tools and equipment that continue to improve and reshape how dental work is carried out. One new innovation that stands out is the diode laser, and in the hands of a capable dentist or dental hygienist, this unique tool can ultimately improve patient outcomes by increasing the efficiency of dental care and improving the overall level of safety. Here’s more about why you shouldn’t hesitate to outfit your hygienist team with diode dental lasers.

A Closer Look at Diode Dental Lasers

Lasers have been used in dentistry since the 1960s, but they didn’t really become commercially available until the 90s, since they needed time to ramp up and become ultra-safe and effective. There were all sorts of lasers available during this time that were suited for various needs, and among them were diode lasers, which were primarily used to target soft oral tissues. They can be operated by hygienists to eliminate bacteria that are deeper than the reach of other instruments, which yields amazing oral health benefits for patients!

5 Noteworthy Benefits of Incorporating Diode Dental Lasers

The impact that diode dental lasers have on dental care is simply outstanding; here are five impressive benefits that can’t be ignored:

  1. Improved Patient Comfort – The lasers are gentle, noninvasive, and relatively comfortable for most patients since they can be used in place of traditional tools for a variety of procedures. This ultimately means patients experience far less discomfort both during and after their visit!
  2. Enhanced Precision – The lasers are among the most precise of all dental tools, blending technology with maneuverability so that hygienists can selectively target specific areas of the mouth that require treatment, limiting the potential damage to nearby tissues.
  3. Increased Efficiency – Diode lasers can radically shorten the time it takes to complete dental procedures. This usually leads to a shortened recovery period following treatment.
  4. Outstanding Versatility – Diode lasers are among the most versatile dental technologies, capable of carrying out all kinds of procedures including periodontal therapy, soft tissue debridement, and many other specialized processes.
  5. Incredibly Safe – These lasers aren’t just gentler on patients’ mouths; they’re notably safer, too. The technology has been honed for decades and they now pose very little risk of causing infection, as they use a single-use tip that’s been sterilized for every patient. It can also safely be used on patients of all ages, and even on pregnant women.

Overall, incorporating diode lasers can lead to all kinds of unique and worthwhile benefits, fewer complications, and a significant improvement in patient outcomes and satisfaction levels. In turn, this will lead to additional revenue for a dental practice and boost the capabilities of a hygiene department when it comes to the care they can give.

About the Author

Paula Quinn, BSDH has been working in the dental field for over 30 years—and above all else, she focuses on accountability, efficiency, and overall production from a business perspective to help you get a clearer picture of how to boost your hygiene department! If you have any questions about the article or you’d like to get in contact with her for further information, feel free to visit her website to learn more.