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Dental Start-Up Practice Consulting

Turn Your Vision into Reality

Mike’s coaching is fantastic! He gets to the heart of things and makes the things that matter most rise to the top through his emotional intelligence, expert experience, and industry knowledge. Mike’s fun personality and easy-going nature make him a welcome partner, but he pushes his clients to work harder and reach their full potential. Mike walks alongside his clients, cheering them on when it’s going well and encouraging them to get back up when they hit the inevitable set back. He knows the industry very well and calls things as he sees them; he has great instincts. You will reach your goals and accomplish things you’ve dreamed about but didn’t think were possible when working with Mike.

Client Heidi Bowman
Heidi Bowman | Practice Administrator
Wash Park Pediatric Dentistry • Denver, CO

Why Choose Michael Dinsio for Dental Start-Up Practice Consulting?

  • Knows where to jump in no matter where you are with the process
  • Advises on location and lease negotiation
  • Helps structure and secure the best financing
  • Helps project manage to minimize construction and equipment costs and reduce change orders on the back end
  • Helps you deploy marketing strategies that will stimulate new patients
  • Helps lay operational foundations in the practice for efficiency so that you don't have to hire too quickly
  • Gives you the confidence that you need in being a new business owner

Our Unique Approach

Start-ups are one of Michael's most passionate things to help doctors with. He’s worked with hundreds of doctors, whether they are just coming out of school or are ready to make the leap from being an associate. He's been blessed to be a part of over 300 start-ups throughout the country. If being an entrepreneur and making your vision a reality, then doing a start-up is the way to go.

The Start-Up Process

Step 1 Location Strategy
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  • Demographic Analysis
    • Competitive Landscape
    • Culture & Socio-Economic Conditions
  • Personal & Lifestyle
    • Non-Compete Restrictions
    • Drive Time
    • Community “Feel”
  • Location Search

Step 2 Deploy Your Construction Team
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  • Secure Lending
  • Engage Commercial Broker
  • Partner with General Contractor, Space Planner, and Equipment Representative

Step 3 The Lease
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  • Engage Legal Counsel
  • Negotiate Best Possible Terms
  • Mitigate All Potential Risks in Securing Location
  • Look For Exclusivity

Step 4 Business Planning
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  • Define Your Vision
  • Create a Dynamic Marketing Strategy
  • Forecast Your Projections and Get a Feel For Your Cash Flow
  • Fine Tune Your Budget & Working Capital Needs

Step 5 Construction & Execution
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  • Execute Lease
  • Sign and Open Loan
  • Project Manage Team to Stay on Time and Under Budget
  • Choose Technology Company and Install Equipment
  • License and Entity Formation
  • Start Credentialing and Insurance Negotiation
  • Engage Social Media and Soft Marketing Efforts
  • Launch Website
  • Hire First Few Team Members
  • Create Standard Operating Procedures
  • Create New Patient Experience

Step 6 Open House
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  • Have Fun!
  • Celebrate!
  • Network
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The 5 Steps of Starting a Dental Practice whitepaper

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Have Questions?

If you’re ready to start-up your own practice, Next Level Consultants is ready to be right beside you every step of the way, removing obstacles and cheering you on. To learn more and get in touch with our team, contact us today.

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