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Dental Practice Coach - Clinical Director

Paula Quinn, BSDH

Thanks to her 30+ years in dentistry, Paula brings a tremendous amount of experience to Next Level Consultants. Aside from owning several businesses, she is also a practicing dental hygienist and an international educator and speaker for Invisalign and Biolase. Her background in and out of the dental practice gives her a unique skill set that brings incredible value to each of her patients and consulting clients.

Dental practice management consultant Paula Quinn

Frontline Clinical Experience

Paula Quinn reviewing information with client

Paula started her career as a dental assistant and front office administrator while putting herself through hygiene school at Indiana University. Upon completion of her dental hygiene degree, she moved to Arizona to continue her education, receiving her anesthetic and laser certificate as well as her Bachelor of Science in Dental Hygiene at Northern Arizona University.

Paula is still in the trenches with patients every day as a highly in-demand hygienist, and she strives to provide a customer experience like none other. Unlike other consultants that don’t understand the day-to-day realities of a dental practice and only focus on numbers, Paula brings decades of real-world experience to the table. With her, you will get expert advice from a veteran hygienist who is putting everything she says into action on a daily basis to great success.

Proud Dental Practice Owner

Paula Quinn reviewing notes in a coffee shop

When she isn't consulting, Paula is managing her own practice in Phoenix, AZ. Even with all of the challenges of 2020, she has still been able to successfully transition her practice from a struggling office to a profitable one.  Paula's philosophy at the office is to take the very best care of her patients by educating them on arresting disease at its earliest stages and not allowing the normal obstacles of insurances and finances to get in the way. She and her team strive to truly understand what their patients’ values are and then utilize creativity to personalize their treatment. They never want someone's oral health to be that one thing that interferes with their overall health. Now, she operates her small boutique practice by day and consults at night.

Get Started & Schedule a Meeting with Paula

Paula Quinn giving presentation

Whether you’re about to start your own practice or are already running one, Paula can take your systems, organization, and clinical team to the next level. She can help you and your team improve communication skills, make handoffs easy, and optimize your treatment coordination. Want to focus on boosting your hygiene department or get them trained to offer laser therapy or incorporate Invisalign? Paula knows how to make it happen, because she has done it in her own practice.

She is ready to offer you all of this and more, and to get started, get in touch with Next Level Consultants today.