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Deploying Your Team When Buying a Dental Practice

How to Hit the Ground Running

We call this step of the dental practice purchasing process “Deploy Your Team” because “Avengers, Assemble!” has already been copyrighted! At this point, you’ve found the ideal practice and made an offer, so now it’s time to make sure your new office has the best possible start. To ensure this happens, Next Level Consultants can surround you with a team of experts, with each one offering input on an essential part of your business. They’ll help you strategize and put plans into action so that when your first day comes, you’re excited rather than stressed.

Why Choose Next Level Consultants?

  • Experience Buying & Growing Hundreds of Dental Practices
  • Friendly, Skilled, & Enthusiastic Team
  • Flexible Approach Based on Your Needs & Goals

How Our Team Can Help

woman giving a business presentation

Starting a new dental practice is complicated, and that’s just talking about the business itself, not including the clinical care. Thankfully, you don’t have to figure out everything on your own, as our team can help you do the following:

Secure Lending

We can help you get the exact paperwork and documentation you need to be approved for a loan quickly for the highest amount possible. We’ll dot the i’s and cross the t’s so working with the bank is nice and easy.

Engage Legal Counsel

When putting together a purchase and sales agreement, it is always recommended to have a lawyer go over it, as they will ensure the proper language and protections are present for you as a buyer. They can also help you with registering your business and securing trademarks if necessary.

Credentialing Specialist

Want to be able to accept dental insurance as soon as your office opens? Our credentialing specialist can make this happen, helping you meet the qualifications and file whatever you need with various providers so that you can join networks without delay. 

HR Advisor

Working with a dental team that you didn’t put together can be difficult, especially if you run things differently compared to the previous dentist. This, along with people simply leaving, can create a lot of personnel challenges right out of the gate. But, with our HR Advisor, they can ensure you have the right people around you and give you the tools to help everyone be on the same page.

Marketing Strategist

These days, a dental practice’s marketing strategy must revolve around a strong online presence, and our marketing strategist can connect you with web designers and writers that will skillfully translate your message into the digital space so that it effectively reaches the right kind of patients. They can also help you formulate your message and branding to create a definitive and appealing identity for your practice.

We’re Ready to Join Your Team

hands putting puzzle pieces together

If you already have a trusted team around you that can fulfill some of these roles, then that is great—the people at Next Level Consultants can easily work with them to fill in any gaps. But, if you’re mostly by yourself, then we’re ready to join you. That’s right—you won’t become a part of our team, but rather we’ll become a part of yours. Your goals and your needs are the priority, and our team is simply here to make them happen as efficiently as possible. By working together toward your vision, we can make it a reality that you’ll enjoy for many years to come.

Buying and starting a dental practice is always a team effort, and Next Level Consultants is ready to help in any way that we can. To learn more about the excellent people we can connect you with or our other services, contact us today .