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Dental Practice Consultant and Strategist

Michael Dinsio, MBA

Michael is an experienced and highly-respected dental practice consultant who has helped over 500 doctors start, buy, and grow their practices for almost a decade. With Next Level Consultants, he hopes to expand his efforts so he can motivate and enable even more doctors to thrive and meet their goals.

Dental practice management consultant Michael Dinsio MBA

His Network
is your Asset

Michael Dinsio reviewing information with client

With Michael, you won’t find him to be a “consultant” who claims to have all the answers. He knows what he is great at and stays in his lane. While his own tried and true methods for practice management have been shown to lead to success, he’s smart enough to know that he doesn’t know everything! That’s why he has surrounded himself with a team of experts with decades of experience in dental and veterinary practices. Thanks to his ability to collaborate, you'll know that you’ll always get the answers you need while working with Next Level Consultants. If Michael can’t provide what you need himself, he’ll always connect you with someone who can. With this approach, he is not your typical consultant.

Well-Traveled Expertise

Micheal Dinsio reviewing notes in a coffee shop

Representing one of the nation’s largest financial institutions since 2012, Michael has been on the front end of more than 300 dental start-ups and over 250 practice transitions from Alaska to Washington, Oregon to Colorado. Along the way, he has advised thousands of clients on best practices for navigating the often-complex process of launching a new dental practice or purchasing an existing clinic. Michael’s experience in analyzing thousands of cash flows and business models, makes him qualified to serve as a key business strategist and advisor for any healthcare professional. Through this experience, he became a national transition consultant and start-up coach, where he focused on helping doctors begin and grow their businesses.

Ready to Get Started? Schedule a Meeting with Michael

Michael Dinsio giving presentation

Thinking about buying or starting a practice, and you are not sure where to start? Need help growing your revenue or improving the practice’s culture so you actually enjoy going to work every day? Michael would be more than happy to meet with you, either online or even in person over a cup of coffee.

To get in touch with Michael and learn more about everything Next Level Consultants has to offer, contact us today.