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Dental Practice Management

Bringing Your Vision to Life

Our dental practice management program can help you improve every single aspect of your professional life from the front desk to your operatories in the back. Looking to increase production? Earn more revenue? Create a more efficient and positive working environment? Our expert team can turn your ideas into results you’ll enjoy day after day in the office, making you, your team, and your patients happier in the process. To learn more about how our program works, be sure to give us a call today—we’re ready to get you where you want to go in your career!

Why Choose Next Level Consultants for Help with Dental Practice Management?

  • Can Help With Leadership, Office Culture, Communication, & More
  • Program Personalized & Paced for Your Team
  • Designed Around Your Specific Goals

Taking Your Dental Practice to the Next Level

Dentist working at laptop

When you partner with us for our practice management program, we won’t simply send you a bunch of documents to read or canned videos that everyone watches. Rather, it will start with a conversation between you and our team. Before we make any recommendations, we first want to spend time and get to know you. At first, we’ll focus on:

  • What is your practice like right now, and what do you want it to be like in the future?
  • What do you want your office culture to be like?
  • What do you want your finances to be like?

Once you and our team have clearly outlined your terms of success, we’ll put together an action plan and start to work with you and your team. Through a series of in-person visits, calls, and online meetings, our experienced coaches will work with you to implement the best systems that keep your vision and ultimate goals in mind.

How We Can Help You Make Your Dental Practice Better?

Consultant talking to dentists

Our practice management program will cover subjects such as:

  • Leadership: We’ll help you become a clear and effective communicator as well as an excellent listener so you can determine what your team or patients need and provide exactly what they want. In the end, you’ll feel more confident in your position, and your team will be eager to work their hardest for you!
  • Finances: We’ll increase your bottom line without having you spend extra hours at the office or providing a bunch of services you don’t like. Small tweaks can often lead to drastic changes!
  • Administration: We’ll work with your team to implement systems that make you, theirs, and your patient’s lives easier when it comes to scheduling, treatment, and billing.
  • Back Office: In addition to working with your front office, we can help you and your clinical teamwork like a well-oiled machine so patients get the attention they need and no time is wasted.
  • Marketing: We’ll work with you to come up with branding and show it to the world online with a slick website and social media presence so the right kinds of patients will find you and love you before they ever step foot in your office.
  • And many more!

No “One-Size Fits All” Consulting

Consultant shaking hands and talking to two clients

Unlike other consultants you’ll find online, we don’t claim to have “one system” that works for everyone. Instead, we find that the best approach is to tailor our program to each individual client and team. We aren’t teaching a class, we’re having a conversation with you so we can help you realize your goals in the most effective way possible. The entire practice management program will take about 12-24 months depending on how fast you and your team take to it. We work at your pace and on your schedule.