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7 Strategies for Scheduling Patients and Keeping Them Scheduled

August 28, 2023

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appointment reminder for dental patients

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Did you know that the average dentist needs to schedule 24-50 new patients per month to grow consistently?  When it comes to scheduling patients at your practice–and keeping them scheduled–it can feel stressful and difficult. The good news is that there are several simple strategies that you can implement today to help your practice schedule patients and keep them coming in. Try these 7 techniques to help your dental practice thrive and grow.


Navigating Burnout: An Article for Dental Professionals

July 19, 2023

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Identifying Burnout for Yourself and or Your Denal Practice’s Team members

In today’s fast-paced and demanding work environment, dental professionals often find themselves susceptible to burnout. As a dental consultant and leadership coach, I see this happening every single day. The accumulation of responsibilities when running a business can take a toll on your well-being and job satisfaction. There are high expectations to clinically produce, and pressure to keep pace with the ever-evolving challenges in the dental industry. All of this makes your job extremely stressful. 

However, by recognizing that there are signs of burnout and beginning to implement strategies to adapt, cope, and move forward; dentists and practice owners can manage their hardships, regain a sense of fulfillment and balance in their professional lives and personal lives.


Statistic for Employee Burnout in their job

Gallup article, March 13th 2020

Before we dig into how to go about creating a healthier and more productive work-life balance, here are some general burnout statistics I would like to share.

• In a Deloitte survey, 56% of workers say that their managers did not  encourage conversations addressing burnout. 

• 77% say they have experienced employee burnout at their current job, with more than half citing more than one occurrence. 

• In another survey done by Adam Grucela, a published writer on the topic shared; Millennials are the most burned-out generation, with 59% experiencing some symptoms of burnout. (more…)

The Ship Is Sinking… And They’re Taking You Down with It!

May 10, 2023

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dental practice managementLet’s face it: your team, regardless of the number of team members you have, runs your practice. They drive the success of your business, sell your dentistry, enhance the level of care you provide, and without them, you essentially don’t have a practice. The challenge is that you may be facing an organizational crisis right now without realizing it!


Why Investing in Diode Lasers for Your Hygiene Team Is a Wise Move

May 2, 2023

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a patient receiving dental care with a diode laserWhen it comes to modern dentistry, technology is an invaluable asset; there are all kinds of new tools and equipment that continue to improve and reshape how dental work is carried out. One new innovation that stands out is the diode laser, and in the hands of a capable dentist or dental hygienist, this unique tool can ultimately improve patient outcomes by increasing the efficiency of dental care and improving the overall level of safety. Here’s more about why you shouldn’t hesitate to outfit your hygienist team with diode dental lasers.


Chatting with Jill Allen, the “Ortho Queen”

April 22, 2023

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Listen to this Episode Here.

Jill Allen began her career in orthodontics over 27 years ago, and since then, she’s had the opportunity to master virtually every position in the orthodontic office—and now, she’s thrilled to be able to impart her wisdom to new orthodontists chasing their dream! She joins host Mike Dinsio of Next Level Consultants to talk shop and share some useful industry tips she’s picked up over the years. Continue reading below to learn more about Jill and what she does, or feel free to hear what she and Mike have to talk about on the latest episode of Start Up Unscripted.


Putting the “Comprehensive” Back in the Hygiene Department!

February 11, 2023

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a dental hygienist smiling and assisting a patient A skilled team of hygienists is one of the most important assets that a dental practice can have. As an integral member of the dental team, a hygienist assists with all kinds of tasks that contribute to improving the comprehensive level of care that a dentist can provide for their patients. But when it comes to the dental hygienist field, there are inherently going to be discrepancies across the board in technical knowledge and skill, among other attributes.

This is where a dental hygiene growth plan becomes invaluable; by providing hygienists with the means to enhance their practice’s hygiene department, the entirety of the practice will benefit in many incredible ways. Keep reading below to learn a little more about how skilled hygienists bolster the level of care a dental practice can provide, along with how our dental hygiene growth program can help.


Dental Acquisition: Purchase & Sale Agreement with Rob Montgomery

February 5, 2023

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Dental Acquisition Unscripted logo Listen to This Episode Here!

In a lot of ways, a purchase and sales agreement is similar to dating; as you’re going through the process, you’re looking through everything with due diligence and trying to ensure that you’ve found a good match and that you’re set up for a happy future! That may seem like a very technical breakdown, but this is what Rob Montgomery, lawyer and founder of Robert H. Montgomery, III, Esquire P.C. thinks—and he has several tips and tricks that can help you out when it comes to breaking down the specifics of these agreements and setting things up for success. Continue reading below to learn a few of his secrets to winning purchase agreements, or feel free to check out his recent appearance on the latest episode of Dental Acquisition Unscripted.


The Art of Due Diligence with Art Wiederman

November 29, 2022

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Art Wiederman

Listen to this Episode Here!

Every step you take when buying a dental practice is important, but one of the most significant happens after you’ve sent your LOI to the seller—due diligence. Art Wiederman, the guest on Episode 14 of the Dental Acquisition Unscripted Podcast, is an expert on this particular subject. He is the Dental Division Director at a CPA firm called Eide Bailly and has over 38 years of experience helping dentists get answers to the most important questions when purchasing. To get a brief overview of everything he and Mike talk about, keep reading. Or, you can listen to the entire podcast right now on YouTube, Spotify, or Apple!


Tips for Keeping Your Dentistry Practice Profitable Even as Inflation Rises

August 1, 2022

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Graphic design of a hand drawing a line representing inflation.Inflation affects everything and everyone—whether it’s the cost of groceries, the price of filling up your car’s tank, or your rent due at the end of the month, life becomes harder when things become more expensive. If costs that seem to continue creeping higher are starting to make you worry about your well-being and the future of your dental practice, don’t fret. Here are some tips for keeping your practice profitable, even as inflation continues to rise.


10 Ways to Increase the Value of Your Dental Practice

July 26, 2022

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Stacks of coins symbolizing dental practice revenueLet’s face it—increasing the value of your dental practice isn’t a straightforward or easy task, but certainly one that you’ll want to be working on throughout your career. Here are 10 ways to help you increase the value of your practice so you can set yourself up for long-term financial success and a sweet retirement.


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