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Next Level Consultants and Omni Practice Group have teamed up to deliver a power-packed program that will help maximize your practice’s value when you decide to sell.

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Developing a coordinated exit strategy is crucial to ensuring the sale of your practice is more predictable and can achieve an optimal valuation. Time is of the essence… so make it count! Our team has helped hundreds of dentists obtain a snapshot of where they stood before a focused effort, then provide a predictable plan to get them in a better place. We look at your hygiene department to identify opportunity within your existing patient base, as well as provide fee schedule, zip code, team member and real estate evaluations.

Success Stories &
Changed Lives

I recently sold my dental practice to a Next Level client. Our transition was a little more challenging because I did not have a broker. In fact, it was meeting Mike Dinsio and his buyer client that prompted me to sell my practice now as opposed to 5-6 years in the future as I had planned. Mike is not only very knowledgeable about the transition process but an astute judge of character. The buyer, myself, and our practice is a great match.

Although Mike technically worked for the buyer I felt he was very fair and candid in his guidance and recommendations. Selling a practice after 20 years of ownership was a complicated and emotional process. I was so thankful to have the help of Mike and his team. He was responsive, resourceful, and professional. I highly recommend without any hesitation for sellers to work with Next Level and their clients."

Josephine K. Lee, D.D.S. Avalon Family Dentistry

Over the past 30 years, I often thought about selling my practice someday. I procrastinated because I felt that it would be an unpleasant experience and I just wasn’t ready. I must say that with the help of Omni Practice Group my dreams have come true and I have retired earlier than I ever thought possible. I found Rod Johnston to be an invaluable asset in appraising my practice and building. Megan Urban was always there for me and provided assistance to my buyer. They both exhibited an ethical level of professionalism that made my transition easier than I anticipated. I would recommend Omni Practice Group to anyone considering a transition in their professional life. I am glad that I found them!”

Gregory E. Herkert, D.D.S. Toledo Dental Care

I have known Michael for the past three years. He is honest, loyal, knowledgeable, and passionate about his work and the field of dentistry. He has helped me tremendously with business development on multiple projects, always being by my side and having my best interests in mind. Michael has spent countless hours on the phone with me and my partners/colleagues figuring out the best solutions to resolve potential milestones on the path to success. Such a level of dedication commands respect and admiration. I will always be grateful to Next Level Consultants for their help and support. I highly recommend Next Level Consultants as they truly represent a customized approach to their client needs where success is inevitable."

Fesaha Gebrehiwot, D.D.S. Trusted Dental Care

I highly recommend Frank to any dentist contemplating selling their office. After several unsuccessful attempts to sell our Seattle office by ourselves, we decided to hire OMNI Group. It was the best decision I’ve ever made. Not only did they find a buyer within 1 month, but he was able to help us sell the office to a highly qualified and capable buyer. I was happy to know that my patients were in good hands moving forward with the new doctor."

Peter S. Wong, D.D.S. Rainer Dental

Rod Johnston has my highest respect and recommendation for his professionalism and integrity in the sale of my practice. Rod was able to present a fair value for my practice to both the buyer and seller. He was able to balance my personal ties from years of growing and managing a practice to the excitement and challenge of the buyer with new ideas and direction for the practice. Rod had the people and business skills to sell my practice in a win-win for both myself and the buyer."

Don Bassham, D.D.S. Mission Family Dental

I highly recommend Michael and his team to help you find, purchase, and refine your next office. I brought them into a transition later in my due diligence phase after attempting to do it on my own. Michael objectively evaluated the whole of the transition from my skill to patient demographics to the financials within a matter of days in order to get me on track with my LOI agreement. He helped me decipher many questions and concerns I had bringing clarity and confidence into the equation. He ensured every critical detail was addressed throughout the remainder of the transaction. I will be using this firm in future endeavors and highly recommend you do the same!"

Stephen W. George D.M.D.

There comes a time in every dentist's career when they don’t want to slow down, but the writing on the wall tells them to slow down. That was my situation. Rod helped me map a plan of quickly getting out of my office allowing me to move to California even though my practice had not yet sold. He sold my practice shortly thereafter. He kept his word on everything he promised. You don’t find people with integrity these days. When you do, you can trust them."

John Bardonner III, D.M.D. Canby Family Practice Clinic

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